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 We are located in Hancock County and hold our meetings in Trenton,our future home will be at the beginning of the Sunrise Trail in Ellsworth. Come join our club for some new adventures,meet some great people and go on some fun club rides.

We have meetings  on the third wednesday of every month at 7:00 PM at the Trenton Municipal Building on Oak Point Road (route 230) Coffee and social time begins at 6:30 PM

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 President Edward Jellison (207)460-6825 [email protected]
 Vice President Vaughn Leach  (207)374-5234 [email protected]  
 Treasurer Bob Cossette (207)565-2240 [email protected]
 Trail Master Russell Smith (207)460-2909 [email protected]
 Secretary Pam Morse (207)460-2909 [email protected]
 Ride Coordinator Russell Smith (207)460-2909 [email protected]
 Personal Memberships Gail Johnston 207-422-3557[email protected] 
 Business Memberships 
 Business Memberships Stuart Burr (207)276-3927 [email protected] 
 Newsletter Marcia Mower (207)478-1945 [email protected] 
 Webmaster Jamie Moore (207)460-0954 [email protected]
 Merchandise Jack Donaghy (207)812-0892 [email protected]
 Posters Marcia Mower (207)478-1945 [email protected]
 Board of Directors 2020Stuart Burr (207)276-3927 [email protected]
 Steve Hamor (207)276-3704 
 Ed Jellison (207)460-6825 [email protected]
 Board of Directors 2018Pat Hamor
 Pam Morse (207)460-2909 [email protected] 
 Rick Nielsen (207)667-2660 [email protected]
 Board of Directors 2019Bob Cossette (207)565-2240 [email protected]
 Beverly Sargent
 (207)667-4079 [email protected]
 Russell Smith (207)460-0909 [email protected]
 Meeting Coffee
 Jack Donaghy
 (207)812-0892 [email protected]
 Club Greeting Cards
 Beverly Sargent (207)667-4079 [email protected]



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